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What is the reason for the smell coming from the air conditioner?

If there is an odor coming from the air conditioner, it may be due to the environment (food, dust, wooden furniture, etc.), the filter may be dirty and/or maintenance may be required. Cleaning of the filter must be done by the user. In some places, during the installation of the air conditioner, the drains of other units such as sinks and WCs that produce odor are connected to the waste water discharge line, which is connected to the indoor unit drainage water drain of the air conditioner, and therefore the air conditioner starts to smell. If there is an odor coming from your air conditioner, before calling the authorized air conditioner service, inquire whether such a situation exists in your air conditioner. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact our Authorized Service.

There is a noise from the air conditioner, what should I do?

Air conditioners operate at a certain sound level. This noise may be the sound of the outdoor unit motor or vibration, the mounting surface. If the sound is disturbing, contact our Authorized Service.

Is it normal for water to drip from the air conditioner outdoor unit?

It is normal for the outdoor unit to drip water when your air conditioner is operating in heating mode. Air conditioners discharge water from the indoor unit in summer (in cooling mode), and this water is discharged through a hose. Likewise, water discharge from the outdoor unit is normal in winter (in heating mode).

How to calculate the capacity of air conditioners?

One of the points to be considered when buying an air conditioner is the correct calculation of the capacity needed by the environment where the air conditioner will be installed. The capacity should be calculated by authorized persons according to the region of the place to be installed, the building material, the window area, the amount of sunlight, the number of people in the environment, the additional heat sources and the size of the area.

What does inverter mean?

The concept of inverter is a very old concept of electrical science. Mechanisms that can be converted from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) in 3-phase form and whose frequency and voltage can be adjusted are called Inverter Systems. It does not damage the network since there are no inrush currents. They do not work with On-Off system. They work in minimum and maximum ranges. Inverter technology has been newly adapted to air conditioners in recent years to save energy. There are compressors in the outdoor units of air conditioners. By changing the compressor speed with the support of electronic inverter hardware, the capacity can be changed according to the load. Thus, energy savings are provided in some conditions.

What is the working principle of the air conditioner?

The refrigerant is liquefied by suction and compression through a compressor. The heat released during compression is discharged to the atmospheric environment (outside environment) by means of a fan. This liquid then turns into a gas by reducing the pressure on it by the expansion valve, drawing heat from the environment it is in. In the meantime, since it draws heat from the environment it is in, it also lowers the ambient temperature. The cycle is repeated in the same way as the refrigerant is absorbed by the compressor.

How often should air filters be cleaned?

The cleaning of these filters varies according to the place used. For example, if the air conditioner is to be used in a house, the filters should be cleaned with warm water without detergent at least once every 15 days, and every day (!) if it is to be used in a textile products store. The cleaned filters should be left to dry in the shade, away from the heating devices, and after drying, they should be mounted on the air conditioner. The air conditioner should never be used without the air filters installed.

What is R410A Refrigerant?

It is a refrigerant specially produced for air conditioners, and its boiling, freezing point, in short, phase change temperatures are completely specially designed. It is nature friendly and is the type of refrigerant used in all split air conditioners for now.

How does the air conditioner cool and/or heat the ambient air? Does it get fresh air from outside?

In the simplest terms, the air conditioner performs cooling or heating operation by passing the indoor air through the heat exchanger in the indoor unit. Many models of split air conditioners do not have humidity control and fresh air functions.

Is the air conditioner harmful to human health?

If the instructions in the user manual are followed, there is no harm to living things. When it comes to health, attention should be paid to the following details regarding the use of air conditioners. Since the air conditioner conditions the air in the environment with a closed air circuit, the CO2 rate increases over time, increase the oxygen rate by ventilating the environment for 1 minute at least once an hour, and be careful that the air blown by the indoor unit does not come directly on the living thing.

How should the energy supply line assembly be?

The energy supply cable should NEVER be plugged into the socket with a plug. Energy supply line installation, which is the responsibility of the end user, must be installed by a qualified electrician. There should be no attachments in the cable in the installation, a special power line should be established for the air conditioner between the electrical panel and the air conditioner, and there should be a special V automatic fuse for each air conditioner in the electrical panel. For the V automatic fuse capacity, the values ​​specified in the catalogs of the company that is the distributor of the air conditioner should be taken as basis.

Which air conditioners are called VRF system air conditioners?

VRF; It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the English phrase "Variable Refrigerant Flow". VRF System is an air conditioning technology that provides the desired climatic conditions without any problems by HEATING and/or COOLING in all independent spaces with multiple indoor units that can be connected to a single outdoor unit or outdoor unit group with a single copper pipeline.

Why should we have our air conditioners serviced?

The maintenance you will have at an authorized service is of great importance for both the device and your health. Unmaintained air conditioners due to neglected maintenance may cause lung infections for living things. In addition, having the air conditioners serviced by Authorized Services prevents malfunctions that may occur.

Can I install the air conditioner myself?

Air conditioner installation must be done by an authorized service of the purchased air conditioner. Otherwise, the manufacturer's and/or distributor's warranty will be void.

How is the electricity consumption of the air conditioner calculated?

If a device with the right capacity is selected and installed as a result of the right exploration, an on/off air conditioner will operate for approximately 45 minutes in an hour. The result is obtained by multiplying the Nominal Consumption value in Energy (KiloWatt) of the mode in which the air conditioner is operating and the unit price of the electricity consumption company (TL/KWh). Example: Let the nominal consumption value of the air conditioner in cooling mode be 1 KW, and the unit price of the electricity company be 0.23 TL/KWh. 1 KW x 0.23 TL/KWh x 45/60= 0.17 TL/h, in short, there will be 17 kuruş electricity consumption per hour. Since inverter air conditioners work continuously without stopping/starting, but they make the Hz adjustment themselves during the working period, the consumption values ​​are constantly variable. For this reason, the consumption of inverter air conditioners is calculated with the same formula, but not multiplied by the ratio of 45/60.

Why is indoor and outdoor unit location important?

The location of the Indoor and Outdoor unit should be determined as a result of the discovery made by an authorized service. The indoor unit should not blow directly on the living thing, and the outdoor unit should be positioned in an outdoor area where air circulation can be done properly.

What should be considered when buying an air conditioner?

First of all, besides the initial investment cost (turnkey purchase price) of the device, the operating cost should also be considered. In other words, the Energy Class and energy consumption values ​​of the air conditioner should be questioned and compared with its competitors. The second important detail; It should be questioned whether the brand (manufacturer and/or distributor company) of the air conditioner has a wide authorized and competent service network. After-sales service understanding of the manufacturer and/or distributor of the air conditioner and the capacity to have spare parts should be questioned. Before purchasing the air conditioner, an Authorized Y. Service should definitely be asked to make a discovery for the capacity analysis. A market research should be conducted for the model suitable for this discovery result.

What is the concept of SEER and SCOP?

SEER = It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the phrase “Seasonal Energy Efficieny Ratio” in English. SCOP = It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the English phrase “Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance”. The labels and brochures of air conditioners produced before 2013 have EER and COP values ​​instead of SEER, SCOP values. EER and SEER and COP and SCOP are essentially the same indicator values. However, the calculation methods are different. Therefore, the values ​​obtained as a result of the calculations are different. While EER and COP are the energy efficiency units of the old energy efficiency regulation, SEER and SCOP are the energy efficiency units of the new energy efficiency regulation that came into force in our country as of 01.01.2014. Naturally, the Energy Class range tables of the old and new Energy Efficiency regulations are also different. At this point, the detail that End Users should pay attention to is to pay attention to which Energy Efficiency regulation the air conditioner they will buy is labeled and to ask the seller for information about this detail.

What is the concept of EER and COP?

EER = It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the English phrase “Energy Efficieny Ratio”. COP = It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the English phrase “Coefficient Of Performance”. EER and COP expressions are the most important values ​​when purchasing air conditioners. In short, these statements determine the performance and energy class of the air conditioner. EER determines its performance in cooling, COP determines its performance in heating.

What does btu/h mean?

An English unit of cooling and/or heating capacity per hour. It is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the phrase "British Thermal Unit".

What is split air conditioner?

The word split is a word that has passed into our language from English and its meaning is 'split/split'. Cooling devices consisting of one outdoor and/or many indoor units are called split air conditioners.

What should be the ideal air conditioning temperature?

Comfortable air-conditioning conditions are 24-26 oC in summer and 20-22 oC in winter. These temperatures should be preferred in air conditioner use.

How often and how should air conditioner maintenance be done?

Air conditioner maintenance should be done regularly twice a year. Maintenance should be carried out by expert teams. Air filters should be cleaned of dust and dirt, and the filters should be changed regularly.

What should be considered when using air conditioner?

Maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners should be done regularly, and the temperature setting should be kept between the ideal temperature values ​​for the season. Air conditioners should be installed in the most ideal place correctly and should be operated in accordance with the weather conditions. In this way, energy savings are made in the most efficient way.


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